PRISM Group: Leading Corporate Sales Technology

To help its airline customers maximize value from the corporate segment, Sabre Airline Solutions® recently acquired PRISM Group, Inc., for its leading corporate sales decision-support, CRM and patented contract-management capabilities.

Competition in the corporate segment is fierce. It is critical for airlines to maximize the revenue they receive from corporate customers. However, until the late 1980s, they were limited in their ability to manage corporate customers due to a lack of data and tracking. In addition, airlines resisted corporate contracts, and defined revenue targets allowed companies to have many “preferred” airlines.

A shift in the landscape occurred, however, in 1987, with the formation of PRISM Group, the industry leader of airline corporate customer management solutions, including advanced decision-support capabilities. Founded by Dr. Michael Whitesage, PRISM Group provides airline contract business-intelligence and decision-support software to airlines' sales management and contracting departments.

Michael Whitesage, who founded PRISM Group in 1987, has been selected seven times by Business Travel News as one of the top 25 Most Influential Executives Of The Business Travel Industry.

The privately held, Nevada-based company provides software to numerous airlines, alliances and joint ventures in 120 countries. Several airline corporate contracting systems, such as those at AeroMexico, Air China, Air France KLM, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Etihad, Japan Airlines, LAN Group, Lufthansa, Qantas, Qatar Airways and United Airlines, are based on PRISM Sales Information Systems (Sis) technology. In total, 20 of the 25 largest global airlines, and 10 airline alliances, corporations and joint ventures use PRISM Group solutions.

Sis is a Web-based airline information system for the management of sales and contract data. Centralizing core sales-management functions, Sis enables airlines from anywhere in the world to manage sales activities in a seamless electronic environment. Sis integrates:

  • Data consolidation — Consolidates data from many global travel sources to manage information in one, high-quality database.
  • Customer relationship management — Manages hierarchical relationships within the airline and customers outside the airline for electronic communications, contracting and information distribution. CRM is integrated with all aspects of the system.
  • Contracting — Manages airline contracts including forecasting contract financial performance, monitoring performance, and determining accurate sales and profits.
  • Decision support — Runs reports on demand or automates the electronic distribution of reports via the Web. Uses advanced reporting to graph results, drill to detail or analyze in a dynamic cube.
Negotiating Corporate Contracts

PRISM Group imports data from more than 280 unique formats and thousands of sources to provide airlines with the data and business intelligence they need to negotiate better corporate contracts.

Sis may be securely accessed on the Web. As a result, airlines do not have to support the system or acquire hardware and software. This cost-effective approach ensures the systems are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to users around the world.

Airlines using Sis technology achieve:

  • Improved contract financial performance,
  • Higher market share,
  • Better customer communications,
  • Reduced sales administrative time,
  • Improved deal performance.

Run on a Software as a Service model, PRISM Group's solutions are focused on maximizing the value of the contracts between an airline and its corporate customers. The solutions assess historical traffic patterns and other key points of interest to help manage agreements with corporations that travel across the airline's network.

Better Managing Corporate Contracts

PRISM Group technology will fit under the revenue analysis grouping within the Sabre AirVision Marketing & Planning, giving airlines access to robust decision-support capabilities, including ways to better manage corporate contracts.

To bring these capabilities to its airline customers and continue its strategy to drive innovation through investment, Sabre Airline Solutions, in August, acquired PRISM Group. By combining its solutions with Sabre Airline Solutions' existing commercial planning suite, Sabre® AirVisionMarketing & Planning, airlines will have access to robust capabilities to help them make better decisions, including ways to better manage corporate contracts.

“Becoming part of Sabre Airline Solutions was the next step in our growth and brings us opportunities that were beyond our reach,” said Michael Whitesage, president and founder of PRISM Group. “We bring years of expertise and proven solutions that help airlines optimize their corporate relationships. PRISM Group will complement Sabre Airline Solutions' world-class commercial planning solutions.”

PRISM Group has been a finalist three times as “the Most Innovative Company in America” by the Stevie Awards, the preeminent Business Award. This solidifies the company's thought leadership and drive toward bringing robust technology to the airline industry. Seven times, Whitesage has been selected by Business Travel News as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Executives Of The Business Travel Industry. Last December, he was selected as one of the nine initial inductees in the Business Travel Hall of Fame, established by Business Travel News.

“The addition of PRISM Group will position us to better help airlines improve their relationship with corporations,” said Hugh Jones, president, Sabre Airline Solutions. “PRISM Group adds another set of unique capabilities to our best-in-class portfolio.”

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